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Friday, 07 Mar 2008

Location: UK

3 months since our last entry god we're slack!!.
Trying to think of what to write since we went to venice, will try my best.....
We had a great Xmas, New Year and all that stuff.
We went for a weekend away in to York about a three hour drive, from London. The little red beast did really well, was a bit worried as it was our first decent trip since we bought it. York is a really nice place, probably one of the best little cities we have been to over her in the uk that is. Went to all the touristy things. I think we have been to to may cathedrals in this country though when you can walk into york minster and say you've seen better! Went to some viking ruins they found when building a shopping mall and you do a sort of cable car thing under ground in the foundations of the shopping centre and have a look. Dylan loved this with his nerdy little sister giving him them history lesson all the way around. in all a top weekend away.
We got the Eurostar to Belgium two weeks ago and toured around for 5days. Brussells was ok. Not alot to do there but in all glad we went. Brugge was really nice. Very old. Got stuck into lots of chocolate, tried some beers (very over-rated). Bella finally got her Mussells and got stuck into the fresh cooked waffles (awsome!). Really nice little country, but expensive compared to a lot of the others we have been to.
Trips that are in the pipeline are: Scotland- we leave on the 4th ofg April and will be gone for around the 10 day mark. We are staying with friends in Edinbourgh, then head up and around then take our time to get back to london. We have also booked flights Austria (Salzburg) in early May which is going to be great, just going for three days.
Thats about it really we do stuff but it's just general life things that I wont bore you with.
Anyway all is well, and are still having an amazing time.
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan