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Simone’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Nov 2007

Location: Taipei

MapI'm about to begin exam week and my last full week in Taiwan. Even though I keep talking about it, thinking about it and preparing for it, I can't believe the time is actually drawing so near.

So many things to do... I'm going to attempt to vote this week, which involves finding an office somewhere in Taipei. I also have to take a trip to the damn immigration office to extend my ARC by 5 days and avoid a big fat fine (hmph)... then there's exam prep, sorting things out, giving things away, sending things home, packing, last minute shopping...

There's also lots of things to do this week socially... lots of goodbyes, etc. A lot of friends are going on holiday befotre I actually leave and there are other important goodbyes like with my Taiwanese friend's Aunt and Uncle, who have been very kind to me. I'm looking forward to it, because last time I saw them I couldn't really communicate with them, but now my Chinese is a lot better.

It's really bittersweet right now. I've improved so much, but I wish I had more time so I could improve more!

.... but I think my first good bye might have to be to my bed. I don't think we'll be seeing all that much of each other this week!