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Simone’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007

Location: Taipei

MapWhenever Manami has to go on a business trip she gets us to lie to the teacher for her and say she has a cold.
You have to be careful what you wish for though... this time she really did get one, which she kindly passed onto me before leaving for Hong Kong... somehow it turned into some kind of supervirus when it hit me, because for the last 4 days I've felt like I've been hit by a truck ... and I sound rather like a walrus! hen hao wanr, dui bu dui???

Today I solved my immigration wenti and managed to do so completely in Chinese - go me! I even had a chat to the immigration officer about how much I've improved and my plans for the future

And today was my 1 year Taiwan anniversary.

Actually completely coincidental, but we celebrated by cooking Indian food (and chocolate cake in Manami's toaster oven) for a bit of a dinner party, you know instead of doing less important things studying for the upcoming exams. (trying not to think about these)