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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Dec 2005

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapWe ventured out into the Ghetto last night to try out luck at a parrillas - Argentinian steak house. Expecting to get a kilo Serloin we were brought a mound of meat that resembled a regurgetated lions meal!
Consisting of half a chicken, flank steak, black pudding, 2 Kidneys, pork sausages and the highlight - small intestines from an unknown animal (photo to come). To be truthfull, the food was really nice, apart from the oozing black pudding and the intestines.

Travel Tip no. 1: Make Buenos Aires your last port of call in South America (with an empty suitcase) as the shopping makes Oxford St look like a corner store. Kel is considering flying back on the way to NZ to stockup!