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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Dec 2005

Location: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

MapAfter a restful day by the piscina (pool) we cooked ourselves a wonderful tomato pasta (literally tomato and pasta) and settled down for the night and consumed 3 litres (for $4US) of the finest local beer. We also caught up with some fellow travellers - Craig (from north England), Martin (from Buenos Aires and spoke no English) and Artu (D2) (from Holland and spoke fluent Spanish, therefore translater for the night).

The following morning, with Rob feeling a little sorry for himself, we headed out to the falls. As it was only 36C we (Rob) decided that a 6km walk to some waterfall would be a great way to clear the head. After the small waterfall, we headed off to see the main event - Iguazu Falls. They were amazing!

The walkway out to the main falls was washed away!!! in the wet season but the remaining walks gave a great view and even allowed you to have a shower under the smaller ones.

Heading down to Ushuaia tomorrow to see the southern sights.