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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Dec 2005

Location: Ushuaia, Argentina

MapWe designated yesterday to a relax and save day after booking ourselves on a last minute cruise to the Southern Continent - departing on 8th Dec for an 11 day cruise.

Today we tried our luck at hiking in the mountains behind Ushuaia in search of the Martial Glacier. After many previous failed attempts at speaking Spanish, we though we could re-try our luck on the local taxi driver. When he headed off in the wrong direction, we decided it would be easier to just show him on the map. Mental note: start learning Spanish.

After a 2hr hike through a snow storm we eventually reached what we assumed was the Martial Glacier - it just looked like a typical ski slope. The weather cleared on the way down exposing the fantastic view towards Ushuaia town and the snow capped Chilean Islands in the distance.

Admin: It appears that MY continual clicking on the webpage has resulted in us being promoted to number 1 visited webpage for the month.