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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Dec 2005

Location: Antarctica, Argentina

MapA quick admin point: You all need to keep on clicking as we were number one this month but we have slipped to number 2 today! Thank you all for your messages - helps us feel loved!

We were planning another big day of hiking yesterday - just to free up the joints after the climb, but at the last minute decided to see the town and get some waterproof pants for Antarctica (we are the exciting travellers!).

Headed out to try some local steak last night - at 12 midnight. The locals don't eat dinner until at least 10pm here and most of the restaurants don't open until then so you are eating crackers if you try any earlier. The garson (waiter) kept telling us that it would be a great place for punta punta (electronic dance music apparently) in a little while, but given the place was full of 50 year olds dancing to bad 80's hits, we were a little bemused. True to his word, when we left the restaurant at 3am (just finished dinner - they don't rush anything here) the place was filling up with young locals and the punta punta was pumping out.

We are heading to Antarctica this afternoon for a 10 day cruise so you will all have to wait a few days before any more updates and photos. I am sure we will have plenty of photos for you all when we are back as Rob has plenty of memory cards for the digital camera and is not planning on sleeping for 10 days just in case he misses the perfect iceberg or whale shot.