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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jan 2006

Location: South to North (Salta), Argentina

MapAfter a day recovering from the hiking, we realised that we were now 1 month into the trip, and still in southern South America. So we headed back into Argentina to progress north. Our stopping point was a large industrial town - Rio Gallegos (well worth a visit if you are interested in the history of petroleum - unfortunately we both had to wash our clothes that day!) where we tried to secure the quickest flight out towards Salta via a stopover in BA.

We couldn't manage to get out that day so we checked into an interesting hostel - the toilet had to be flushed by lifting a pipe from a hole in the wall and lets just say we slept on the sleeping bags that night.

Unfortunately our flight the following day meant that we would be in transit for New Years. As the clock ticked over into the new year, we were waiting for our bags on the baggage carosel in BA - we really know how to party!! The follow on flight to Salta was 9 hrs away, so we rolled out the sleeping bags in the airport and spent the night with the other homeless people (photo provided).

New Years day was spend admiring the zillion white butterflies and eating fairyfloss with the locals in Salta's main park. The following day we headed off white water rafting which was great fun as Kel spent more time in the water than on the raft. That night we caught a night bus to the border town of La Quiaca.