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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Jan 2006

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapAdmin 1: Strike one of the previous entries, we were not robbed. After spending 2 days cursing the Brazilian traveller we thought had taken the credit card and going about cancelling the card, we found it and the money hidden extremely well in Kel´s bag. It appears that after enjoying too many Cuba Libres (rum and cokes), Rob had hidden it and then forgotten about it.

Admin 2: We know it is a little early but we will be on the Inca trail on the actual day. Hope you all have a great Australia Day and for those of you in London, enjoy the Walkabout!

From La Paz we headed further west into Peru via Lake Titicaca (highest navigatable lake in the world at over 3800m). We decided to spend a few nights in Puno and take a day trip to the floating reed islands of Uros. These islands were originally built to allow the local people to float into the middle of the lake to escape the neighbouring tribes. Today, many people still live on these islands but many are aimed at tourists!

From Puno we continued onto Cusco where we had the pleasure of coming up against the local town strike (see previous diary entry). This was quite exciting, but meant that we missed one of the Inca ruins we were meant to see as a result. After passing the strike we headed off to Raqchi (Temple of Wiracocha God). This temple was 100m long, 26m wide and 14m high. The temple was designed to withstand earthquakes as the base was on gravel and the top of the temple walls were build with mud bricks that allowed it to move.

After the temple we visited Andahuaylillas which is home to the Sixtine Chapel of America due to the amount of artwork inside it. The inside still has carvings that are covered in solid gold! They confiscated our chisel before we could use it!

We are currently in Cusco enjoying a few days of rest and hassling (by the locals) before starting the Inca Trail on the 23rd January.