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Kel and Rob’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Feb 2006

Location: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

MapWe decided that time was running short and that we were in need of some warmer weather, so we headed north from Cusco to Guayaquil in Equador. While waiting for our connecting flight in Lima we ran into Allison and Kurt, a Canadian couple we had met in Southern Chile and they were to become our travelling buddies for the next 2 weeks.

The plan was to get flights and, if possible, a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Guayaquil was a really lovely place. There are iguanas in the main park, a really lovely boardwalk along the water and we were the only tourists in the whole place so everyone keep coming up and welcoming us to the town (either that or they were swearing at us as our Spanish has not progressed to swear words yet!). We also managed to get an 8 day cruise aboard the Daphne, so Galapagos here we come!

Tuesday morning we headed out to Galapagos and spent the afternoon admiring the giant tortoises, walking a lava tube and generally taking photos of anything that moved.

Later that afternoon we boarded the boat and set off for our first island. The boat was fantastic and we were so glad we paid a bit extra for it.

We spent the next 7 days walking and snorkelling on a number of islands in the Galapagos. It was so fantastic. We lost count of the number of times we had to step over animals or be taking a photo of something only to look down and have an iguana or a bird or a sea lion right at your feet. When you swim, the fish you see are so diverse and the sea lions are always swimming around you. Words cannot describe this place so we hope the photos do it some justice. All we can say is everyone must make an effort to come here.

After the cruise we decided to spend a few more days in the sun and have been staying in Puerto Ayora on Isla Santa Cruz enjoying the beach (good surf and while you are sitting there marine iguanas are walking past you).