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tomandsteph’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Mar 2007

Location: and Paris, UK

MapWell...after many complaints we have finally realised how slack we have been with the BLOG. I could give you loads of excuses but.....

Anyway, we will give a quick update from December to today and then promise we will try and be a little more frequent with the entires!

ps...we have added a few photos too!

05/12/06 - called in to see Adrian Russell and his girlfriend Kristen at the pub they manage in Hammersmith. Pete Murray happened to be touring and he and his manager and entourage had had a few lock – in’s at the pub with AR and Kristen. They happened to be given a few free tickets to the concert that night and offered them to Tom and I. So, the 4 of us headed out to watch Pete Murray support Richard Ashcroft (lead from the Verve) and had our first snakebites in their pub following.

16/12/06 - We went with Chan and Min to see the musical Wicked which was fantastic! I hope it comes to Oz as it is a must see for musical lovers.

18/12/06 – Tom and I experience our first Premier League game – Fulham v’s Middlesborough. It was pretty cold that night and we wore extra layers of clothes – 36 items of clothing between us + 2 umbrellas and a handbag to be exact!

20/12/06 – Tom and I were surprised to have an early trip to Paris for Christmas thanks to Burberry. Tom was sent to work in their showroom in Paris for 2 days all expenses paid for both of us!... Oh the perks dating a high flyer in the fashion industry!

Christmas – We met Mum, Dad, Sarah and my Uncle Mat and his girlfriend Isabella in Paris on the Friday before Christmas and spent the weekend wandering around freezing Paris and making preparations for Christmas Day. Mum and Dad were staying in a lovely little old stone-walled apartment in the middle of Paris and this is where we all got together for a Christmas Day consisting of presents, a viewing of 'We Can Be Heroes' ("Physics is Phun" - Ricky Wong) and plenty of beautiful French food and wine.

Mum, Dad and Sarah then came back to London for a couple of days where we showed them around Ealing, Mum took Sarah to see Wicked (while we took Dad to see the pub), and we wandered around Central London checking out Hyde Park and Buckinghuge Palace. It was great to see the family and experience a Parisian style Christmas together.

NYE 2006 – Back in sunny England, Tom and I went to see Min for the weekend and to plan New Years Eve. Well….while planning the three of us got a little carried away and thought it would be nice to try and see in the Aussie New Year. Needless to say the following day (NYE) none of use felt like celebrating so we had a dry NYE and spent 5 hours out in London to watch 10 minutes of fireworks exploding from the London Eye.

Early Jan 07 – We decided (well I did) that it was time for us to see some of the cultural sights. I dragged Tom kicking and screaming to the British Museum for a Sunday afternoon. It was pretty amazing seeing the Rosetta stone, Cleopatra’s mummy, half of the Parthenon that a Pommy Lord pillaged from the Greeks (the Greek Government are still fighting to reclaim them) and the original Astro Boy drawing!

For our second cultural outing, we were meeting Min and Channy in Trafalgar Square at 2pm to spend the afternoon wandering around the National Gallery. Min, Tom and I (Chan was running late) walked into the Gallery, picked up the map, looked at each other, turned around and went to the local pub for some winter afternoon “cultural” beers - at least we tried!!

24/01/07 – Tom and I got a lovely surprise when we walked outside for work and stepped onto several inches of beautiful white snow! Everything was glistening and looked like we were in a fairytale.

06/02/07 - Tom, Keato and I went and watched the Socceroo’s v’s Denmark @ Loftus Road Stadium. It was freezing and we got flogged. The highlight of the night was definitely Jimmy Barnes walking on the field singing the National Anthem.

10/02/07 – We spent a weekend in Brighton – England's summer holiday capital on the coast. Rocky beaches and a Tacky Pier……but a nice weekend (will let the photo’s do the talking when they are down loaded)

2-4/03/07 – Weekend in Edinburgh - this is such a great city and we would love to leave London and spend several months there if we could find a job there…fingers crossed!!

10/03/07 – The weekend that brought us Chan’s Birthday and the arrival of Katie Hal! Unfortunately Tom and I did not make it to the airport to greet Kate on her arrival into London at 6.30am. It took us a little over three hours and 3 night buses to get home from Chan’s! Next time we will sleep on the floor!

Well…sorry about the onslaught of information. Now we are updated though and will be more regular with the updating. It’s always great to hear from home. Take care,

Steph and Tom