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tomandsteph’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Burberry, Piccadilly Circus, England

MapThanks for all the messages we've received!! Its great to hear from home and we can't wait to catch up with everyone when we get back to Oz at the end of August.
Things have been very quiet over here for the last month or so, as we are trying to save our pounds for our trip around Europe. We will be finishing work and leaving London mid July, then hanging out in Europe for 6 weeks, including a 7 night yacht cruise through the islands of Croatia....ahh its a hard life!!
The weather over here has been great over the last few weeks, with very little rain and temperatures in the high teens. It is also light until about 8.30-9.00 at night. The spirit of the place has really improved with the weather and everyone seems to be that bit happier now that Summer has arrived....but it is England and I'm sure it won't be long before the pohms (Prisoners of Her Majesty, apparently that's how its spelt and that is why we call them pohms. Nana, is this true??) are winging about the heat!!
This blog entry may be waffling on a bit, but thats because I'm doing my 68th hour at work this week. Its 10pm on Friday night and I'm winding the clock down to knock off at 11!
Anyway, please keep the messages coming. It's great to hear from home. We hope you are all staying safe and well.