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galvo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Oct 2006

Location: Peru

Maphey all
put some more photos on for u lot, most r self explanetry so shouldnt have to write to much...
had a great time in lima, did a days wk at the hostel i was at big family run joint, me and the sons knocked over some concreting, then all the sons and daughters took us out.. big night.
The next day they took me to play in there futbol game which was great fun on a dirt field, they live for it and, some of them were top players
Then moved into a hostel in Miraflores- lima meet up with and aussie and couple of irish dudes, couple more big big nights.

Just got off a 22 hr bus trip to cusco (home of matchu pittchu) today, the trip was pure joy as u would imagine, going to try and sort out some treks and stuff tomorrow.
later galvo
p.s HAPPY 18 PROTRACTOR...dont through that faki out youll still need it for Canada...