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galvo’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Nov 2006

Location: Peru

Maphey. hope all is well
had my last day vollenteering today, at the school
have been working as a vollenteer for last 3 weeks at a school in a small village bout 40 minutes from cusco up in the mountains.
A combi van takes a group of us up each morning.. i have stuck mainly to the construction side of building more classrooms and a fence around the school, but most of the other volenteers actually teach the kids classes... if u want u can check it out at, it is actually run by a girl from the central west... jane gavel and her south american bloke selvywho is a real dude, knows everyone in cusco and taken me to some crazy parties...
The work has actually been very hard (took me back to the concreteing days) lifting odoby bricks ( massive mud bricks which weigh 25kg) for the external fence and classroom walls and putting up trusses made from tree trunks, basically the whole project bare the roof tiles comes from the ground..
Anyway done my time there now, leave at 5 in the morning for a 4 day trek along an inka trail which finishes at matchu pittchu... jane also organises all tours etc, u should check getaway aparently in late jan as they have been here filming some of the tours..
Other then working have been partying very hard thur through to sun every wk which is not hard to do as cusco is the tourist capital of peru and goes all night every night.
heading to bolivia after inka trail via lake titicaca, which is higher in altitude again, never usually get hangovers but cant be avoided at this height
hope the mlb cup treated all well
hear the hoods put on a show at oz awards... f--ken aussie gold
bout all the shit i can think of to spin for now. peace
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