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galvo’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Dec 2006

Location: Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Mapoi all
been a while since updated.. have been busy, just thought id drop a line before xmas..
spent last wkend in santiago, had to go back there to get a flight to BA, was awsome though partied all wkend with 2 aussies and 2kiwis great time, then flew to ba had couple of days there, but wanted to get out of big city (is massive) cracked it down to Mar del plata a beach town bout 4hrs south, me and dick bought boogie boards and have been going surfing twice a day loving it.. have next 5 months on the beach... uraguy, brasil, costa rica, mexico, san fran sisco, going to be hard, not a holiday though dick cracks the shits every morning when i wakre him at 6 to go to the beach...
Guess today would be lnock off day for most people, xmas parties( drink plenty of the bosses piss), so have a great and safe xmas everyone and ill catch u in the new yr

rito got to split
peace galvo