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galvo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007

Location: Brazil

Mapoi all hope all is well
thought id drop a line as its been a while, had memorable xmas and new yrs i think...
after new yrs spent 3 weeks in buenos aries, this place is awsome although really bernt a hole in my wallet
we managed to get the arse from milhouse (shithouse) hostel (and they call themselves a party place) but were welcomed with open arms by the clan- anything goes here grt place. drinking games every night.
lost and found and lost again my camera, but finally got new one and put some new photos on site.
Had a steak almost every day in ba they were massive and easily best ever tasted, went to a few night clubs but the best was easily opera bay an opera house replica were the roof opens and u dance under the stars and then the sun..

spent last wk on and island off the cost of brazil called ILHA DO MEL grt place night club in the forrest, beach every day.
Oz day was massive me and dick hit the piss very early (photos)
however late in the avo things went pear shaped to the point of no return was in bed on dark, very crook next day, even rumours i may have spewed.

well boarding a bus tonight to rio de janerio.. and the party starts, 16 days there on cococabana beach, it is a hard life
il get back to u shortly
chow galvo