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galvo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: LA, USA

still in La
have been working here for past few months renovating berns place, just about got most of it done, have done everything from bobcat wk to tiling bricklaying and much more. dick left a few weeks back for canada and em has been here helping with painting and building a retaining wall, has been grt to get some home cooked meals again (bern never misses dinner now)

Although have been working lots fitted in plenty of site seeing
went to universal studios, checked out an indi grand pre, spend today down at newport beach in orange county (ferraris everywhere) went to coachella music festival in the dessert, had good time bud dont worry to much didnt match an aussie festivals
Had a weekend in vagas which was crazy, place is really sin city... the strip is massive checked out all the big casinos (no winnings) and went to a circus cirla show, it was a beatles tribute. Even though the main strip is an awsome set up and really safe, as soon as u go a few blocks back it gets dodgy fast, guess u would expect that from a city build for gamblers, alcohs and drugys, had big weekend though...

heading to canada on wednesday have to be out as my visa is up on thursday looking forward to heading to alberta somewhere in the rocky mountains to find wk mabey have game of rugby to as their season started last wk
check yas later