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galvo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jul 2007

Location: Banff, Canada

Maphey hope all is well
have spent the last couple of months living and working in Summerland, British Columbia a small town just outside penticton

Lived in the basement of a very nice old ladies place, bought a push bike and rode to work each day working for a top bloke named ken doing a big reno in the hills above summerland surrrounded by vineyards and cherry and grape fields,

Really enjoyed my stay and would loved to have stayed and helped ken out for longer, learnt alot working for him plus will really miss the amount of time spent in his shed playing continous games ( kocanee, botchi, ping pong etc) with a beer fridge that was always full, but had to keep moving, as headed for the stampede in couple of days (should be a real red neck party).

Managed to get a few games of rugby in for the Pentiction Harliquins, top bunmch of blokes , we won 3 hames and lost one, had heaps of fun, its all about the after match celebrations for them.

Tried my hand at snow skiing also as arrived in canada just to catch the end of the season, think i made one pass without a stack out of about 20.. was my 1st time ever skiing literally started the day on the flat magic carpet, but by the end was hammering down the step hills (completely out of control though) had to use trees and shrubs to stop if i didnt stack had grt fun thought even considering could barely walk for 3 days

Canada reminds me so much of home its not funny (may have even started missing home bit) and the people are so nice, they go out of there way regularly to help you out wherever possible.. they love aussies

righto all promise to update again after the stampede
cheers galvo