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galvo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jul 2008

Location: london still, UK

Mapyo all u geezzers hope everyone is healthy
all very good here same old story been to busy to update between working 20 odd hrs a day going to gigs and sporting events,going to rockness and glastonbury and sunny myself in croatia life is tuff...but i push on

check the photos went to rockness for a mate kingys 30th with a group of friends, went to glastonbury last week .. best festival ever once you got past the rain (shouldnt winge only rained 1 day) the mud and having to walk around in bloody wellys got to see absolutly brilliant performances by amy winehouse,jayz,the hoods,mgmt,kings of leon,vampire weekend,subways, and manymore

spent a week doing nothing in croatia, which is definatley my favourite place in europe so far

been very busy at work here an seriously thinking about starting my own construction company as apposed to taking other peoples already quoted work at the moment basically have garanteed work so will let u know
righto got to run me an dick heading to the local boozer for a couple