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Meredith’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Jan 2007

Location: Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

MapLa Iguana Perdida, Santa Cruz

The shores of Lake Atitlan are sprinkled with villages and surrounded by active volcanos. San Pedro is famous for seedy nightlife and drugs and San Marcos for meditation and yoga. We felt our inner chakra was sufficiently sorted and as Kate said, didn't fancy Camden in the sun. So we decided on Santa Cruz and spent three divine days at the Iguana Perdida reading, playing backgammon and gazing at the spectacular view. 5% of our bill went to a local charity called the Stove Project. One of the biggest killers in Guatemala is respiratory disease because most women and children are constantly breathing in smoke from wood fires. For $12 USD per family the charity provides stoves with a flue.