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Meredith’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jan 2007

Location: Flores and Rio Dulce, Guatemala

MapMayan Ruins and River Living

"Downtown" Tikal is a collection of almost completely preserved Mayan temples. The park covers over 500 sq km and is the domain of howler monkies, snakes and toucans. To make the most of Tikal, Kate and I spent the night in the camping ground in hammocks with only one very large tarantula for company. At dusk we entered the park as the tour groups were leaving and climbed up temple II to watch the sunset over distant jungle.

We spent a few days on the Rio Dulce, not far from the Carribean sea. Locals live in houses on poles over the water or the mangroves and travel around in small wooden canoes. We visited Livingston at the mouth of the Rio Dulce one day. There is no road access and the town swelters in a heady mix of Carribean heat and Rio Dulce humidity. Great hostel in Flores