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Meredith’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007

Location: Guamote, Ecuador

MapThis little piggy went to market.......

The village of Guamote is a donkey skip from the pan American highway in the Ecuadorian highlands. Every Thursday is market day and the dusty streets fill with locals and traders from the whole region.

If I lived up in the hills my shopping list for market day would look something like this:

1 squealing pig (live)
1 metre rope (to tie said pig)
3 sacks of flour (includ special tortilla flour)
4 baby chickens (live, in cage)
1 bright pink wool wrap (donkey ate previous)
1 poncho (make it red with lots of tassles)
1 pig´s head (dead and gawping)
alarm clock (past spring onion section, then follow loud noise till you read Alarm Clock Table)
New Fedora Hat (Cousin´s wedding)
5 banana fritters (yum yum)
1 Scythe
NB NO coca cola (available now in mud hut next door)
2 carrots (to pursuade donkey up hill and home with shopping)