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Meredith’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Apr 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapCity Wrangling

I am trying to lasoo Buenos Aires under my control. One way streets, bus timetables, meaty menus, tango-two steps and dire hostels run rings round me for days. BA is petulant with new-comers. I consider leaving but remember the rough ride that London first gave me. I stay another week. Round and round the inner city corral. Cross Streets called Estados Unidos, Mexico, Peru. Why aren´t they arranged in geographical order at least?

Slowly I find the tango shoe emporiums (Supiacha), the vegetarian cafe (San Telmo), a space to breathe (Puerto Madero in the morning), the english book exchange (cnr of Estados Unidos and Peru) The buses fall into orderly lines, menus come into focus. I take a tango lesson. I give directions to another gringo. I am almost a BA cowgirl and now I don´t want to leave.