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Meredith’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 May 2007

Location: Colca Canyon, Peru

MapIn the Night Canyon

Chivay: 3269m above sea level 4am: Up out of bed; Gasp for air; Under the moon; Breathe deeply; Down past the llama and the peeing man; Under the stars; Gulp for oxygen; I am crumbling in thin air like Sendak´s milky-way biscuit man. Down dusty streets; Past a snoring pig; The bus door looms. Stop for a breather and three pushy peruvians women. (shall I pull their plaits?)

The bus skids forward a village, breaks down, then slides under the dawn and into the Colca Canyon. Down on foot 1000 metres, down 1000 more. My breathing eases. Down past a man and his donkey. Under the swooping condors. Over the bridge and into the welcome kitchen for cookies and a glass of oxygen.