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Meredith’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

MapChasing sunsets

Chasing sunsets is becoming a bit of travelling habit. Surely the prize catch would be an Isla Del Sol Sunset on the roof of the world, where the Incas believe that the sun was born.

With minutes to spare a group of us hurry up the stony hill. Local kids are mustering their flocks for the night. One 13 year old shepherd cajoles her sheep homewards skipping to the beat of her transistor radio (aka the the bolivian ipod) and scuffing her gold shoes.

Then I hear "Senorita, Senorita Help me ! Help me !" Another kid is pelting down the hill after three run-away pigs. I look at the summit and the fast fading light, hesitate, and then lunge for the trotter rope.

Chasing sunsets is for gringos.