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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Feb 2003

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapWell so here we are - in Vancouver. It's time for the Timster to get back into a bit of authoring after a long absense. Its been a fair while since we arrived and both a lot and nothing has happened. Nothing in the sense that we haven't really ventured out and done much of the stuff we'd like to. No skiiing, no hot tubs, no pancakes with Maple Syrup. But lots in that we've managed to get a house (as most of you know), a social insurance number (well some of us), a bank account (well some of us again) and not many job interviews. Oh well. We've noticed a lot of homeless people around the place and we figure it won't be long till we're joining them!

But apart from the job situation we are all pretty happy. The first week we weren't as much. Staying in a youth hostel in the pizza and porno section of Vancouver didn't help matters. I myself had a small crisis realising that while most people were married and in careers at 30, I was unemployed and living in a youth hostel. But of course that was only temporary. It only took three house inspections to find the hillbilly house. Okay so, it wasn't our first choice. Our first choice was in a place that had an outdoor hot tub! Can you imagine? We never would have left home! But alas, we were rejected on the whole three people with no jobs living in a two bedroom place thing. Crazy. Their loss.

The hillbilly house is great though - no hot tub, but its very cool. The landlord is in "recycling" and so the house is furnished with a lot of very questionable electronics. The washing machine, doesn't actually rotate and the wall mounted tin opener is just incredible. As for the dryer - it has a mind of its own. Whenever we want something we just ask Manny the landlord and low and behold it is retrieved from a tip and whipped back into shape.

Well that's enough for now. Check out some of our photies of lovely Vancouver.