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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Feb 2003

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapWell we've seen some more of the city now. Thanks mainly to Pip's cousin Nick. He had a friends jeep on loan and so he kindly took us around the place to see things around Vancouver. The first place he took us was to the airport! No none of us have left, it was just that the shipping company rang on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock to tell us if we could get there by 4:30 we could pick up our bikes. Bastards. Of course we couldn't, but Nick valiantly offered to attempt the dash in the jeep. We all ran for the car and zoomed over to the airport. Although Tim forgot to take the address and there were minor navigation problems we made only five minutes late. Still too late for Canada customs unfortunately. Oh well. Another bike free weekend. Not to worry, Nick took us to see the University of BC which has an amazing campus. Beautiful views and nice grounds. Almost enough to make some of us want to finish our degrees. Only almost though.

Next we went to 'Deluxe Burger' - for Salmon burgers. We told Nick we wanted Canadian cuisine. So we got it. Fantastic. Extremely tasty and the chattiest friendliest waitress too. She even gave us free ice cream with our monster apple pies. Might have helped that Nick seems to know every wait person in the Greater Vancouver area.

The next day there was more to come with Nick taking Pip and Tim (and not the Nick we normally know) to Cypress Mountain. Some amazing views were had for sunset. Next super friendly Mike - a TV producer with an RV (that's a campervan for those of you from down under) full of telescopes and the like called us over to come and see Saturn. Mike had a GPS enabled super telescope trained at the sky. Not ones to scoff at the chance to see Saturn we went over and were quite flabergasted at how clearly we could see its rings. Mike was very cool and had a cool hobby. We also had a look at the moon and a Nebula (the name of which escapes us).

Later that night Tim & Pip thought they'd go to the Anza club, an "Aussie Bar" just around the corner from our house - quite by chance. We went there to discover a cover charge and thrash metal playing. No one was Australian. We asked if we could go in and look around without paying the charge and were refused. We pointed out that we were Australian and maybe could add a little atmosphere and were still refused. We left. There must be some kind of court we can take them to to have their Aussie bar status stripped from em.

Today Nick and Tim's bikes arrived from sunny England. This makes them both very very happy. Pip amazingly is showing no strain with bikes and computers taking up a lot of her flatmates time. Well, she always has sixty channels of crap to watch... until next time.