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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003

Location: Hillbilly House, Canada

MapHi everyone, Pip here.
Thanks for all your birthday wishes. So far 27 is pretty good. I had a great surprise with Bea and Tyson ringing me from the train station saying that had arrived in sunny Vancouver. So after the fellas had gotten back from FitnessQuest (roid munching gym they belong to) we went to Gastown (not that type of gas!) for a spot of lunch and touristy stuff. Then onto a bar recommended by my cousin for birthday drinkys. Great place and lots of eyecandy for moi! What a present!! Then a quiet relaxing Valentines Day for everyone except for me that had a job interview. Yep hope that went well...
Then more visitors on the weekend with a friend of the ghetto, Dana and her man Jim coming up for some skiing. More touristy stuff and a tasty dinner at a place up the road, hurrah just like Streatham.... well nearly.
House is back to me and the fellas. Oil man has come with more fuel for heating (phew) and we're starting to get those 60 channels sor'ed!
More photos to come including a trip to Hooters for some of the hillbillys... too funny.