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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Mar 2003

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapWell folks, it's been a while since the last update - many apologies, we've just been so busy. Seriously. After the crazy weekend when Dana, Jim, Bea & Tyson came to visit. It all went a little quiet. But only for a week. Vancouver is beginning to become alive for us.

After a week of interviews Tim managed to get a temp job at a power company. Its a very exciting job, involving sorting through around 500 cheques per day to make sure they are okay for depositing into the big monolith of a company's account. Those IT skills coming in very handy. But he has learnt how to use the Model P35 Sorting device. A word from Tim - next time you write a cheque for a phone bill, power bill ... take care, some poor bastard has to deal with em, even better draw a little smiley on the cheque. Tim is only just adjusting to the savage and cruel 8am start. The mood swings are lethal.

Nick is near employed at a bike shop. Having his mid-life crisis early he's decided that high paying jobs in Japanese banks are a thing of the past and he's going to get back to basics. He starts tomorrow at nine. About nine hours earlier than he usually wakes up. Could be tough.

Pip is still a lady of leisure, but we're expecting that it won't be for long, she did however go to a sex shop today with her cousin, she assures us it was neither to get a job or to purchase. She came back with a pamphlet for a course in giving handjobs. Maybe this is where she is taking her career. We can forward the details to anyone interested in such lewd and vile behaviour.

Oh so much to tell ... leaving the best till last - last week and weekend Bea and Tyson came back from strutting their stuff on the ski fields and took over the house. They cooked, bought food, hired a car, cleaned, entertained ... in short they were bloody fantastic guests. They even had the nerve to give us a thankyou card. On the weekend we went in the hired chevy (what a fantastic box of a yankee gus guzzling car) for some field trips. There are photos! Saturday we went to Bowen Island - a very nice ferry trip for a very nice walk in the woods. Sunday we went up and had a look at Whistler, we also went walking in the woods there. As you'll see from the photos we came across some mountain lion footprints. Being the biologists that we are, we figured it must be a bear print. Everyone got a little scared. The fear climaxed with a blood curdling scream from Bea. We all froze as a black dog came down the trail. Bea's imaganation can get the better of her. Her and Tyson are now sunning themselves in Mexico, no bears to worry about. The lucky buggers.