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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Apr 2003

Location: Downtown Van, Canada

MapHi there!
Pip here. I know it's been awhile since the last update, sorry about that.
Well we're all working and the guys are buying up for their big adventure starting in about 7 weeks!! Wow!! How time has flown.
We are still in the hillbilly house which is great for work for Nick and I. Alas poor Tim is out in the boon docks of Vancouver still in the hovel of BC Hydro.
Not a lot has been happening. The boys are discovering new places to ride in Vancouver and I'm discovering new places in downtown to go c/ people at my work. I'm also getting caught up in Canucks fever (ie. Vancouver Ice Hockey team). They're in the finals which won't last long the way they're playing.
We had a bit of a cake fest a couple of weeks ago in honour of Nick's birthday then, getting work, then me getting work. Any excuse really to bake a chocolate cake.
No visitors for awhile but my sister gets here next week and we're off to Kamloops for a mini-break. To discover a bit more of BC and see some family we have up there. I will also be going to Saskatchewan to see family. Alas cannot show it on the map, Tim has forgotten about that province.
Check out the photos of the boys bike trips, they're pretty amazing! Nick saw a raccoon yesterday on his ride. Cool. No bears as yet.

Take care everyone.