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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Apr 2003

Location: The rainiest city in the world, Canada

MapOK... Nick here. A month solid of rain... with one sunny day. Its worse than London, hos is this possible. And we hear that the bloody poms are basking in a heatwave, this is not right! Well today Nicks Kayaking/ camping trip was cancelled because of weather, as was the backup plan of a hike. But Tim and Nick are off testing out all the bike touring gear next weekend for 3 days in the gulf islands. Its just over a month until we head off on the big ride so we better get sorted out. Pips sister Nic is staying with us at the moment, and the whole city is buzzing. Thats not because of Nik, nor the rain, but the Canucks - the Vancouver ice hockey team, are through to the playoffs and they are going nuts. In other news, we're all just LOVING our jobs, really. Nick is spending more than hes earning because of 70% discounts on outdoor gear... how can you resist even if you earn nothing. Tim has risen to Cheque checking guru... they're gonna give him a medal soon. Pip had a minor heart attack during the week when they disconnected our cable (we think the hillbilly house had stolen cable), but we're back on line now. (phew!) Tim, Pip, Nic, other Nick (Pips cousin) spent last weekend up in Salmon Arm with the relos... and saw the area. Interesting thing was there was a forest fire 4 years ago, and it still is just empty and black. Makes you realize how different Australian bush is. Well... thats it for now, maybe an update after the rain stops. Seeya...