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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Apr 2003

Location: Bell Mobility - Pip's work, Canada

MapWould just like to point out that there was no major heart attack on the tv front from me. ER and CSI are free! But alas the boys with no Seinfeld or Outdoor Lifestyle Network channel were a bit sad. They have Seinfeld but no OLN. And I was a bit worried about the daytime TV viewing my sister was watching. Thankfully now she has Dr. Phil and his crazy guests!!

I would now like to say we have a third day of sun in 48 days!!! Hoorah!! Alas Tim and I are stuck in concrete pillars but Nik and Nick are out and about enjoying themselves no doubt. Nick's probably out looking for Alicia Silverstone. Tim reckons they should double date with Buffy since she's in town too. And yes having three Nik/Nick's around is a little confusing...

We did enjoy some more sunshine on Easter weekend as Tim, Pip, Nik (sister) and Nick (cousin) went for a mini-break up to Salmon Arm to visit some relos Pip and Nik have up there. No rain for three days and Sunday we were even hot...crazy I know. We swung by Kamloops too for a visit and saw where 'Jenny from the Block' is staying whilst she makes her next bad movie. Her man Benny is actually here in Vancouver trying to make a film around the rain. I think he's actually downstairs near my work today. He's no Aragorn let me tell you..
But Salmon Arm was good and the scenery was great. So pretty in this province. We visited cemetery, where I've never been surrounded by so much family. We saw where my grandparents are buried whilst getting a history lesson from 'Uncle Paul'. A cousin of my dad's. We also did some driving around the town, no skiing or boarding but we did a hike in the Fly Hills where there's still lots of snow. No bears though. We ended the weekend with an easter lunch at the cousins place where we sat on the kids table. Geez it has been awhile since we have all done that. Learnt a bit more about the young kids of today. Lots of laughing and catching up on the goss.

My sister and I are seeing a band tonight then off to Victoria on Saturday and watching the Canucks on Sunday, then she's off back to Oz on Tuesday which makes me a bit sad. The boys are off in five weeks, what's a girl to do?? I think I'll be okay with all the filming around and sunnier weather (fingers crossed). Going to Edmonton in three weeks to visit a friend. Think I'll pass on Toronto at the moment.

See ya!