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Nick, Tim & Pip’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 May 2003

Location: Canada

MapNick here... just a quickie for you. Just got back from the Gulf Islands again. Had three days off so went and got some 'serenity now' kind of peace and quiet in Dionisio provincial park. Ferry over - and dragged 3 days worth of food and water plus all my gear on my bike up the remote end of the island. Lucky its so hilly on the island. Am already sick of telling my story of what I'm doing - always get bailed up by people wanting to talk when you have all the gear on your bike - some nice people, but some real freaks too. The park was mine for nearly the entire time - except the sea lions, eagles and everything else alive. Won't bore you with too many details - the photos tell most of the story. The highlights were defn. the eagles, and being sent to sleep and woken early in the morning by sea lions play fighting - slapping their fins (hands - whatever!) loudly on the water, and chasing each other round in circles, jumping out of and splashing in the water. Besides watching the world go by, I read (Anne Frank - Diary of a young girl - good but what a sad story), ate, slept, just chilled. Now am super relaxed! Seeya!