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Paco y Buerto’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Nov 2006

Location: Sauce, Nicaragua

MapShawn Brannan

I hope everything is well in Bismarck, Brent and I were thinking Scott and Renita must have had the baby by now since whenever we call home no one answers. We´re having a great time in Sauce Nicaragua. We are speaking only in Spanish and learning constantly. It´s actually somewhat difficult for me to write in English right now, because I only think in Spanish. Sauce is a small town of appx. 18000 people. Everyone is nice. Brent says to say he especially loves the 30 second cold showers, bats at night and the fact that we are living in a huge petting zoo. The food has been great, we work out everyday. We will be updating the website as soon as we can, but don´t think we´ll have time tonight since this place closes at 9. And of course Brent needs some time to talk to Ellyn.

The chickens and the dog fights all night can get kind of loud, but other than that its all good. It´s great to know no other tourist of Nicaragua is having nearly this type of an experience. Last night we went dancing, and cliff jumping into the river. We hang out with Roberto, his finace, Yendri. They are pretty much the most popular people in the entire town. It´s as if we´re hanging out with the Godfather. So many people want to talk to us, so it demands are learning of Spanish mucho rapido. Today we went to a different river with about 25 of us and ate, swam, and joked around the entire time. I´m helping brent with spanish, and we´re both catching on faster than I had anticipated.

It was great tdoay when we were at the river and had chicken for lunch, this was no old chicken, pretty much as fresh as chicken gets. In fact we watched as one of our friends killed the chicken and then skinned it. Now whenever we eat chicken that picture comes to mind. Tasty...

Roberto y YendrI say hola y hope everyone is well.