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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Nov 2006

Location: Sydney, Circluar Quay, Australia

MapFinally made it to the city! so much to do and see here didn't know where to start. Thankfully had my auntie (kaki) and Bhindi to show me around the place. Walked around Circular Quay to saw the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It was such a glorious day to visit and i've got some amazing photos to show you all. Stopped to see and Aborigonal dance and a guy playing to digarido. He was cool! Could have watched it for ages but it was really hot that day. The Opera House was pretty, but surprising that it is actually three buildings and it's not actually white but cream. I thought it would be a lot bigger than it was too. Walked under the Harbour Bridge and saw the biggest bolts i'd ever seen (the size of wheel trims). Had fish and chips for lunch and there was so much choice of seafood couldn't believe it. Bit stuffed after luch so we walked around the Rocks but our walk didn't end there, back past the Opera House and round the Royal Botanical Gardens. The gardens had some interesting trees and loads of birds. There was a fantastic view of the harbour at Mrs Macquaires Chair, you can see it all from there. We've picked a spot for new years eve so watch out for me on TV. Did a bit of window shopping on George St and kaki showed me this massive chirstmas tree thats height was the same as the shopping mall. you can even walk under the tree its that big! Headed to Darling Harbour but it was getting cloudy so we visited Kaki's friend (another mistry from uk). They lived in this city centre apartment with a view of the harbour. Sat there and had a cup of tea, they had the most adorable little boy that insisted on showing me his new bike. On the way back home we had a drink in a trendy city bar then got on a train home.