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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Nov 2006

Location: Sydney Blue Mountains, Australia

MapAfter breakfast we packed food for a picnic and a cool box full of drinks then drove to Blue Mountains. Vinay stayed behind because he was going to a friends party. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get there and yet again such a beautiful day with clear blue sky. The scenery was amazing, just reminded me of that windows desktop screensaver with the blue mountains. Apparently this is where all the koala bear live but sorry Carla i didn't manage to spot any of your relatives. Had a good view of this rock formation called The Three Sisters. Had to take a closer look though so we walked down some gigantic steps. But when your going down its easy you can just keep on going but its the way back that is exhausting. We didn't go too far down though. Back at the top we visited the shops to cool down. Had some wine and fudge samples and found this english sweet shop that sold everything, even polo's, drumsticks and those sugar straws that we used to have when we were little. We drove to a picnic park and refueled ready for the rest of the afternoon. Went to Scenic World which as the name suggests had some amazing views of the montains and three sisters. Sat on the world's steepest cable car.. 45 degrees drop! That was cool! At the bottom we walked around the rainforest and Kaka was trying to be tarzan by swinging on the vines. The trees were just sooo tall and skiny! Travelled back up a different cable car which had spectacular views. Visited Wentworth Falls, not much of a water fall though, most the water had dried up. Did i mention the amount of flies...? eeew horrible! On the drive home we stopped at a fruit shop, loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. The person in the shop was asking about our trip and where i was from, he thought i was 12 years old. I know i look young but not that young. We were all exhausted when we got back, had dinner and the bed!