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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Nov 2006

Location: Sydney Bondi Beach, Australia

MapSpent the day the true Aussie way starting with a full BBQ breakfast cooked on kaka's fab BBQ. The Aussie breakfast was good, need to burn it off though. Packed to go to Bondi Beach about an hours drive from the house. We got there and it was pretty busy, finally found a parking space then walked along the beach. It was so hard walking in the sand, felt like i was on holiday now! They had Sculpures at the Beach exhibition (thanks for the recommendation mel). Some of the scultures were cool but others were just strange. Walked up to the top of the hill where we had some free Sydney water and great views of the beach.On the way back down we stopped at a few shops and market stalls and had New Zealand Natural ice cream. We had this drink thing called a Chillo so refreshing! Spent some time on the beach and Vinay had a great idea, 'lets dig a hole!' So we did with our feet, then one hole became two, two holes became three. Whilst digging the second hole we found a spade and also a poweranger! Then it was time for a bit of paddling in sea. Vinay on the other hand dived into the water fully clothed. Although it was a warm day the sea was quite cold, but once your in it its not too bad. They tried to put me in the water but i escaped. Sat in the car with wet shorts, sand in our pants and wrote in my diary. Oh and Borat was on Bondi beach the same day we were but unfortunatly i didn't see him... u like?