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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Nov 2006

Location: Liverpool, Australia

MapToday I finally booked my flight to New Zealand. Kaki had the day off too so she took me to the Indian shops in Liverpool. The place was just like being in India, hot, smelly, flies and little dingy shops full of random stuff and dodgy goods. They do have sari shops there but not much choice and not very fashionable stock either. So funny... in one shop the woman even switched on the lights for us when we walked in, so i take it they don't get crowds of customers as you do in leicester. Not much to do in Liverpool. Had lunch in the food court, so much choice...ended up having thai noodles, yumm! They also had food samples, so i went round trying chocolates and this yoghurt thing berry crumble flavour. The journey back was funny, i was directing kaki back but the road signs aren't very clear at all so we kept on going the wrong way. I blame the road signs really. Had dinner at home then watched OZ Idol the semi final.