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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapExplored Syndey on my own today. Caught the bus into the city which only took 30 minutes. Was reading my lonely planet and the next thing i know i was at the Harbour Bridge. Such a beautiful day again, sunny and breezy not too hot though. Wondered off on King St and found a New Zealand tourist information so I popped in finding out about the backpacker buses. I wondered down the street like a typical tourist and found my way to The Rocks. Spent an hour or visitng the tiny galleries and craft shops. I noticed a sign for handmade puppets and followed it to some narrow back street and down some steps where i found an array of puppets all shapes and sizes, even full sized ones. Back to the main road I was looking for a summer hat in this surf shop and really couldn't decide which one to buy. You know how undecisive i get with shopping i had to ask to shop assistant to choose for me. Now i was ready to explore Darling Harbour with my new sun hat but ended up taking a detour to Hyde Park. I walked near China town to Darling Harbour and my first impressions were 'is that it?' all i could see was a few fountains and a Mcdonalds. After wondering around i found a food court which had so much to choose from. I sat near the Harbour eating my lunch in the cool breeze and then continued exploring the Harbour. A stupid bird kept on coming towards me when i was eating my lunch and as you can imagine.... i screamed! After lunch i wanted to chill out in the Chinese Garden. It was so tranquil and you didn't even feel as you were in a city. You could even dress up in traditional chinese clothes and walk around the garden, but i wasn't going to do it alone was i? Got a bit snap happy today with my camera so i headed to Ted's Cameras (where mel used to work) to download my images before getting the bus back home. In the evening i packed for my 4 weeks away, it was so hard trying to take as little as possible, i need my things and i need choice! Had kaka and kaki help me pack. Had prawns for dinner and some bubbly.. i think they were celebrating me leaving Syndey! LOL