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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

MapI was up before 7 am for the first time this holiday although i'm guessing this won't be the last time either. Dropped off Vinay and Micky to school and went to work with Kaki to kill some time before getting a train to the airport. Kaki works in this shopping centre so i spent most my time window shopping trying desperatly not to buy anything. I was sitting on the train with butterflies in my stomach thinking 'ahhh no going back i'm on my own from here'. I boarded the Jetstar plane and believe it or not there were leather seats, this plane was better than the Virgin flight. Only took 1 hr 20 min to get to Melbourne. Got off the plane and it was bloody freezing....had my crop trousers and flip flips! not joke i landed on what was rumoured to be one of the coldest november days in melbourne. After putting on some warm clothes i sat on a bus to the city centre where i was meeting Jenni. It was nice to see a friendly face! Had a good catch up over a few drinks in a pub, meal in a bar then more drinks in an Irish pub.