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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Nov 2006

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

MapSince the weather was better i thought i'd explore the gardens and sit on the tour bus to do all the touristy things. Treasury Gardens and Fritzory gardens was my first stop. Just walked around really, it was a bit smelly in the gardens and not as spectacular as the ones i saw in Sydney. They has signs for a 'Fairy Tree' and i though ooo this could be quite interesting.. noooo just a tree stump with fairy pictures. So i decided to see some real art at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square. Met Michelle for lunch with Jen and her toddler Amy. Michelle is the friend i'm travelling the east coast with. Had lunch in a cosy cafe in one of the many side streets then strolled along the Yarra River and over to the Botanical Gardens. Had cake and a drink in the cafe then went to one of the bars on the Square were we had cocktails and nachos... yum yum. Met up with Jenni and the other Finnish people that were coming to the Great Ocean Road. At first i thought, all these 7 Finnish people and me! Had a few more drinks in the Transport bar, which was pretty kicking on a friday night. Went home early because like back at home trains stop running at 11. Needed some sleep before our big weekend away.