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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Nov 2006

Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

MapThe plan was to leave for 8 am, but as you can tell none of us were in a state to get up and go. We all had a big fry up in a cafe to soak up the alcohol, just what we needed. Although Ville decided he hadn't drank enough so he had 4 bottles of beer with his breakfast.. i'm sure he's an alcoholic. Back on the road stopped at Loch Ard, Port Campbell, Lock and Gorge, Apollo Bay, Rainforest walk in the National Park and the lighthouse. So much scenery and things to do along the way! Had a brilliant time and took just a few photos as you can imagine. It was a clear day although a little breezy on the coast. The only disappointment was the light house! We drove an extra 25 km to see it but nothing special. Miles and miles of beautiful coastline and the ocean stretched as far a i could see. So many twisty roads thats why it takes 6 hours to drive back to Melbourne. Thanks Mitesh and Bhabi for advising The Great Ocean Road, it was well worth doing and we all had such a brilliant time. Oh and before i forget has anyone seen a Koala in the wild??? Didn't think so.. I have! I shouted to Jenni who was driving 'STOP' and we all ran out the car with our cameras took take pictures of wild koala's! I'll put the photos up this week i promise! Didn't get home until 11.30, so tired but well worth doing.