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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006

Location: Phillip Island, Australia

MapGot up ready to go, both me and michelle were running late not a good start. Eventually the tour bus arrived and it took nearly two hours to get there. We stopped off at a cafe for a toilet break, they almost left without us! The first stop on the tour was Wildlife park, where we met the usual australian animals, wallabies, fed the kangaroos and had out photo taken with a koala. The photo was terrible, both of us looked a wreck. At that point of the day it was so hot 39 degrees! We cooled off and had some lunch then they took us to Seal Rocks to do some seal spotting. It was getting rather cloudy and there were no seals around (my 7 pound bino's were great by the way). Walked along the cost for a bit, lots of smelly seagulls and loads of dead ones too, wasn't very pleasant. After a cup of tea we stopped off at a beach where we ate pizza's. That was cool, didn't expect to eat so much on this tour. Finally we arrived at the penguine parade, they had these cute penguins with little woolly jumpers on in the shop but not a cute as the real thing. These creatures were the smallest penguins in the world. I weigh 22 little Penguins (says the museum). After out photo disaster we had another attempt and took a fuuny one of me and michelle posing as penguins. lol! We sat on the beach until sun set watching the little creatures running in and out of the sea. It was so funny, and yet again my bino's came into use. Got back to Jenni's at 12, so tired!