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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Nov 2006

Location: Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

MapThe adventure begins here... got up at 6.30 and got our stuff ready for the day on the Great Barrier Reef. We had a luxury boat called Ocean Freedom, with 13 passengers and 5 crew on board and loads of food. The day started off raining, but when we got out to the reef the clouds cleared away and all was nice. We got into a glass bottom boat and stopped off at a private Island Upolu Cay. This is where i took my first snokeling lesson, was scared at first, thought the fishes might attack me and the fact that i couldn't really swim. We were guided my Lee into the Reef, where he gave us a tour of the reef. It was amazing, saw so many fishes all colours and all shapes and sizes, star fishes, stingrays, different types of correl and even a shark! Yes i saw a real shark and found nemo too! The waters were so crystal clear and it was incredible to see the reef. After some lunch i decided that i wanted to go one step further and do a scuba dive! Snorkeling wasn't enough for me so i put my flippers back on, wet suit, goggles and gas tank and was ready to go again but further. The kit was so heavy i could hardly walk to the plat form, it was pretty scary coming off the boat into the sea but i had someone there to catch me. It took a while to get used to the euipment and being able to breathe under water is such a strange experience. Once i got used to all the equipment we went deeper into the reef, only about 5 meters or so. It was great, i had the captain of the boat take me on my own and guide me. Belive me i didn't let go of his hand once whilst we were down there, surprised he hasn't got any bruses. It is unreal, definatly worth doing and you see so much more of the reef when your diving. Fishes all colours of the rainbow and all sorts of shapes and sizes you can imagine. They were just swimming right next to me, incredible! Definatly my best experience so far this holiday. Got given a certificate too and i had to buy one of the t-shirts aswell. Have some cool photos on the underwater camera too! In the evening we had a nap fpr a few hours then got dressed for a night out on the club. We might as well stay in the club until 3 because we could hear the music in our rooms anyway! It was a cool night out, so many people didn't think it would be that busy to be honest. Crashed in bed in the early hours, so tired by now!