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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Nov 2006

Location: Cape Tribulation, Australia

MapAnother early start 6.45 to get our jungle tour bus. Grabbed a cup of tea which probably wasn't the best idea to drink something HOT on the bus. Drove past Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation - where the Rainforest meets the Reef. First stop was Mossman Gorge where we had a guided walk through the tranquil rainforest. The gorge was spectacular with enormous boulders down the river and the tallest trees you could ever imagine. Crossed a swinging bridge and wondered through the forest for a bit. Stopped off for lunch in this small pub (all they had was burger and chips) very filling though. We then sat on an indiana jones style boat through Daintree river where we did some wildlife spotting and we saw crocs, tree snakes, pythons, fruit bats and tree frogs. After our wild life adventure we got dropped of at the Beach House where we were spending the night in the rainforest. Was excited at this point but when we got there it wasn't what we expected. Ok the rooms were nice for a rainforest and thank god we didn't sleep in a dorm because the bathroom is outside. We basically stayed in a little hut with three bedrooms and one bathroom and kitchen. Near by was the tropical beach, bar and bistro. We wasn't too impressed with the food but when your in the middle of the rainforest you don't have much choice. We thought our place was a little bit dead so we walked over to PK's Hostel which took us a goof 50min walk to find not much action going on there. We showered and went to the bar for some food and just chilled out in the bar area. So quiet not many people, not much music just a little boring really. Watched the time go by and decided to have an early night. The walk back to our rainforest 'shed' was soooo scary, heard so many strange noises, ahhh! We finaly got to sleep after doing a thorough spider check in our bed and no spiders! Got woken up in the middle of the night by a loud noise from the kitchen, thankgod we locked our doors.