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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Nov 2006

Location: Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia

MapHad to be out our rooms by 9.30 so no lie in for me. We had a first proper breakfast with tea, cereal and a yoghurt! After doing some boring washing we sat on the beach, well i sat in the shade just chilling out falling asleep, so relaxing (sorry for those at work reading this diary). Heading town to Townsville, 4hr journey on the greyhound bus. The journey became a 5hr trip because the coach was delayed. Townsville at night looked quite pretty near the river but it seemed to be a bit of a ghost town. There were a few nice bars and restaurants near the river but not much going on. We decided to hit the town and check out the bars. It was the most strangest experience, full of schoolies (17-18 yr olds) getting wasted and being chased by bouncers. We sat outside a bar eating the best nacho's in the world and having a few drinks watching all this action. After we headed to an Irish pub with live music and this crazy circular pool table...huh? thats what i thought! Only stayed out until 1.30, felt a bit out of place so we went back to the hostel.