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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Dec 2006

Location: Magnetic Island, Australia

MapMichelle and I explored the ghost town, nothing there, few random shops full of rubbish. Couldn't find anything to do so we sat in a funky juice bar with a smoothie and went to an internet cafe to upload the caines photos. Made our way to the ferry terminal to Magnetic Island around lunch time. It was sooo hot! The ferry only took 25 min, and then we had to wait for a bus to take us to the hostel. The hostel was on the beach, we stayed in little huts again with 8 beds. The room was quite crammed but it was only for two nights. Was sooo hungry when we got there but the hostel only served 5 till 8.. so we had to treck to the local shops in the blistering heat. So exhausting! Anyway made it to Possoms Cafe and bought some food from the supermarket since there is literally nothing at the resort apart from vending machines and a kitchen. Walked back, had a shower and chatted to our room mate from england. We sat in the bar having dinner and met our other room mat, Jo who was Italian. We were expecting a lively night out but ended up in bed about 12.