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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Dec 2006

Location: Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia

MapYeah!!! We didn't have to get out of bed early to check out! Made sandwiches for aour picnic and then rented an awsome Topless car! It was great, tiny car the perfect size for me with pink wheel trims, pink fluffy seats and stearing wheel cover! you have to see the pictures! We drove around Magnetic Island, only took about 30 min to get from one end to the other. There were lots of bays to stop off at and view piont and bushwalking but we enjoyed crusing round this little car so much we carried on driving. Stopped off for lunch at Horseshoe bay, which as the name suggests was shaped like a horseshoe. Lazed around for the afternoon on the grass near the beach until it cooled down. Drinking iced coke on the beach, yuummm! Later in the afternoon we went to Arthur look out point and did one of the bush walks call the Fort where we saw another wild koala bear. So cute abd cuddly. Started to get a bit dark so we walked back to the car after taking in the scenery. Back at the hostel Base, we freshed up and went out for a meal with Scot and Jo who were our room mates. We drove to one of the other bays not realising that they only served food until 8pm and it was noe 8.15. Managed to get a last order at the bar, had a few drinks and heading back to the hostel bar where we did some more drinking. The italian guy was soo funny, kept on coming out with these crazy sayings and he hold us the story of where the pizza originated from. We all went for a walk on the beach because the bar was really dead and saw these scary footprints that weren't human and made a run for it back to the hostel.