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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Dec 2006

Location: Faser Island, Australia

MapI had to be up bright and early for a 7.30 start. Waited for the bus with Eva for the day tour of Fraser Island where I met Nandy the Dutch girl that stayed in Gilligans with us. I didn't even recognise her and don't think we even spoke but she still remembered me. Had a cup of tea on the ferry and then we were greeted by Captain Kangaroo our tour guide for the day. We sat on the 4 WD coach thing, it looked really funny (look out for the photos i upload next time). We went for a walk in a rainforest which had trees 1000's of years old and they were MASSIVE! There was also a fresh water strem running through the rainforest with crystal clear water, it was unbelievable how clear it was. The whole island is made up of sand and the is absolutly no soil on the island. Seems strange how there is a rainforest just growing out of the sand. We sat back on the coach and had a bumpy ride along these dirt tracks - now i understand why they tell us to wear seat belts and only 4WD are allowed on the island. We reached the "highway" LOL it was actually the beach. Yes Captain Kangaroo was driving about 60 mph on the beach. On one side you could see the waves and all they jelly fish and the other side just the sand island. How strange?We stopped at a creek with fresh water where i met a scary animal... only joking it was only michelle. We saw the coloured sands which weren't very colourful and stopped at the shipwreck for a quick photo stop. HAd a buffet lunch at the resort and got back on the bumpy road to the spectacular Lake McKenzie (see photos next time). It was like being back on Whitehaven beach on the Whitsundays. But this was actually fresh water lake with crystal clear waters. Had a dip in the lake and just relaxed on the beach before going back on the ferry to Hervey Bay. In the evening I booked the rest of my greyhound trips and hostels, because there are soo many people going to sydney for xmas, getting worried everything might get booked up. HAd mexican in the hostel and met a canadian girl maria and nadia, just went to the Irish pub with them in the evening.