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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2006

Location: Noosa

MapAfter some debating wether to stop off at Rainbow beach we decided to carry on straight to Noosa...good job as weel because as we drove through Rainbow beach there was nothing to see or do. Noosa on the other hand had shops, beach and beautiful national park. We stopped for lunch at the services, probably the most expensive sandwich i have had whilst being here and as for chocolate... its well expensive. Dropped our bags off in the YHA hostel and walked around the shops, it seemed a bit more expensive than the other places we'd visited. Had some gelati ice cream (the closest i'll get to hagen dazs) then got some comfy shoes on for the walk in the national park. We took the coastal path through the national park, spectacular scenery, the beach on one side and the bush on the other. Spotted another Koala bear in the wild.. this one was crawling on the ground. We walked for about 2 hrs then stopped at a beach where we took some funny photos. Again the sand was really fine and crystal clear waters. As we walked through the bush there were these scary bird things which looked like evil Turkeys and everytime one went past us we just screamed... also when we saw the lizards too. Back at the hostel we had a roast, with potatoes, peas, carrots, chicken, gravy, stuffing....yumm yumm. We met a few people in the bar, listened to some guy playing a guitar and ate mango cheesecake.